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Exhausted Living With Anxiety & Panic Attacks?
....Tried CBT, Therapy or Medication & Still Struggle Daily?

I Want To Show You The EXACT Method To Stop Anxiety & Overcome, Manage, and Remove The ‘Real’ Triggers behind Anxiety To Feel Happier, More Confident & Positive Every Day...

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"This method is LIFE CHANGING..."
- Katie, March 2021 -

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Discover EXACTLY how go from crippling anxiety and turn life around with better relationships, better jobs, more time, more energy and the life YOU want without Anxiety...

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Question?... Is It Time To Stop Anxiety Consuming All Your Energy, Time and Thoughts & Start Living Life Again?

Even when this 'anxiety' tells you will ALWAYS have anxiety?

Karlis here, I help people completely reprogram anxiety disorders.

I've worked with enough people across the world to prove you CAN create an anxiety-free, normal life again - You just need the right tools and approach.

To Feel Happier, Positive And Content With Better Confidence, Relationships, Family And Home Life...

So, I want to give you a powerful, unique method so you can create the life you want. And, show you how to get results in just 10 days.

Even if you've tried expensive Therapy, Medication, CBT, Counseling or Doctors...

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Introducing The Easy-to-Follow Online Anxiety Workshop & Unique LifeCoding Method That Will Get You From Overwhelming Anxiety To Turning Life Around...

No More CONSTANT Worry
Feel more self-confidence with better mood
Take control of overthinking & F.E.A.R
Stop and get rid of anxiety and panic attacks
No MOre 'Holding It Together'
Discover a normal life again and live
No More Being Mis-Understood
Use the practical tools to create action today
Use a different form of anxiety treatment
Overcome Panic & Anxiety Attacks
Master internal and external triggers in real-time
"Years of Anxiety GONE"
INCREDIBLE! ... I understand myself better now, LifeCoder has given me my choice back with how to live my life. These tools can help anyone stop anxiety and get back freedom."
Ella - August 2020
"Unique, Different & Powerful"
“Tools started working after just a review days. Blown away after trying everything else for so long with my Anxiety.
I recomment anyone with anxiety joins"
Katie - March 2021
"Worked When Nothing Else Did"
“I knew straight away this is for me and what I’ve been looking for. The tools I have adopted mean I can experience a normal life again with my newborn daughter... Seriously, start using this method.”
Rachel - Decemember 2020
"Tools I Use Everyday Now"
"Finally have so hope at battling these demons I've had for so long and being given the tools to address things differently. Looking forward to the future:
Michelle - February 2021

What Others Are Saying About The Workshop

Ella - August 2020
Katie - March 2021
Rachel - Decemember 2020
Michelle - February 2021

What You'll Learn On The Workshop (The Contents)

Create an Anxiety-Free, Positive Life LONG-TERM. Work through over 40 powerful 'topic' videos and discover how to increase your awareness, manage triggers and learn life-changing practical tools to completely reprogram your Anxiety & Triggers.
PART 1: Taking Control of Your Anxiety Program
[1.5 hours Total]
1.1 Introduction (20min)
1.2 Understanding the Anxiety Program (2min)
1.3 Controlled  vs Uncontrolled Anxiety (7min)
1.4 It's All Corruption (4min)
1.5 How Ella Uninstalled Anxiety (4min)
1.6 How Do We Close The Program? (5min)
1.7 Your Operating System (4min)
1.8 Your OS: THE MIND (10min)
1.9 Your OS: THE EMOTIONAL BODY (10min)
1.10 Your OS: THE PHYSICAL BODY (14min)
1.11 Your Program in Autopilot (6min)
1.12 Thought & Perspective Control (5min)
1.13 Habits of Anxiety (4min)
1.14 Is Your Anxiety Normalised? (5min)
1.15 Comfort Zones (9min)
1.16 Becoming Aware of the Program (2min)
PART 2: Controlling Triggers In Just 10 Days
[1.5 hours Total]
2.1 Welcome Back (1min)
2.2 Understanding Triggers (13 min)
2.3 Internal Triggers (4 min)
2.4 External Triggers (2 min)
2.5 Recovery Time (13 min)
2.6 Triggers, Recovery & Perspective (7 min)
2.7 How to Shift Perspective (5 min)
2.8 PANIC ATTACKS (14 min)
2.9 What's The EXACT Process? (1 min)
2.10 How to Manage Anxiety Triggers (17 min)
2.11 Why This Process Works (6 min)
(4 min)
[BONUS] Your Tool Pathway
(2 min)
PART 3: Uninstall The Anxiety Program
[1 hour Total]
3.1 Welcome to The Bonus Workshop (2 min)
3.2 What are Dysfunctions? (10 min)
3.3 The 14 Dysfunctions (18 min)
3.4 What are Core Programs? (10 min)
3.5 Anxiety, Dysfunctions & Core Programs (4)
3.7 THANK YOU (4 min)

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How Ella & Rachel Went From Daily Anxiety To a Happy & Content Life with The LifeCoding Self-Help Method, Process & Tools...

“Years of Anxiety Gone With This Method”

INCREDIBLE! ... I understand myself better now, LifeCoder has given me my choice back with how to live my life. These tools can help anyone stop anxiety and get back freedom."
Ella - August 2020

“Worked After Everything Else Failed”

“I knew straight away this is for me and what I’ve been looking for. The tools I have adopted mean I can experience a normal life again with my newborn daughter... Seriously, start using this method.”
Rachel - December 2020

About Karlis

LifeCoder Founder, Anxiety Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Father
“I created LifeCoding as a process to change my own life. 8 Years later and it’s grown into a methodology that is changing the lives of people suffering with anxiety, trauma, addiction, self-sabotage and much more. I now coach, teach and mentor amazing people across the world using the methods I used to transform my life.”

Karlis is an Anxiety Coach, Mentor and Father who teaches unique life-changing tools to reprogram and self-regulate anxiety and panic... Without expensive therapy, treatment, counseling, medication or doctors...

He created a 7 stage self-help method called LifeCoding to help transform his own life as a single full-time parent in 2013. He now helps people across the world with his unique approach and tools to reprogramming life.
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The EXACT 7-STAGE PROCESS You Will Learn On The Workshop...

Using the powerful, proven process of LifeCoding, you can learn, reprogram and uninstall the Anxiety Program and enjoy life again.


Understanding and awareness of the ANXIETY PROGRAM.


Learn to identify and manage


Insights into the HIDDEN Dysfunctions running life in auto-pilot.

Personal Waveforms

A powerful self-monitoring and analysis tool to manage TRIGGERS & recovery time.

Comfort Zones

Anxiety can form Comfort Zones. Discover how to create new ones.

Core Programming

Find the CORRUPT core
programming that causes CHAOS in life.
Yes, JOIN THE WORKSHOP & Take Control of Anxiety
Find the long-term solution that works for you
Master the operating system of 'you'
Take back the POWER that life deserves
Direct and manage life in a way that thrives


Each Workshop is accessed online, anytime, anywhere.
Workshops are split into multiple videos, so start from just 15 minutes a day!
Works on:

F.A.Q (Things Others Ask)

Still have questions before joining? No problem, we've answered our most frequently asked questions below
to help you make your decision.
What happens once I join the workshop?
You'll receive a welcome video instantly with further instructions on how to access the workshop and videos.

You'll also get an email will a link to access our secure online platform with a unique username and password sent by email once you have joined and completed checkout (click here to join now). You can access the workshops anytime, anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.
Will this help to stop mild or severe Anxiety or Panic?
The simple answer is YES.

If you adopt some of these powerful insights, tools and information into your daily life, we guarantee you will experience reduced anxiety and be able to better manage anxiety long-term. If not, then we'll give your money back.
Will this work for me when I've tried so many other things?
Every single person who has used this method has seen positive results and in a large number of people allowed then to substantial reduce their anxiety and get life back.

Many are now completely anxiety-free.

This will definitely have a positive impact if you have also tried other things like CBT, Meditation, Medication, Therapy or Counselling.
Can I cancel or get refund if this is not for me?
Yes, of course. We understand that LifeCoding may not be for everyone so you can cancel your workshop access and get a full refund by contacting us at hello@lifecoder.online. Our friendly customer service will process this immediately for you. No questions asked.
Are my details secure and protected?
100%. We'll only contact you regarding your workshops, courses and information relevant to LifeCoding. We DO NOT sell or pass on information to 3rd parties.

All payment details are processed securely by our payment provider Stripe and we do not have access to or store any card details. For more information please see our privacy policy.
I have more questions, how can I contact you?
If you have any questions, you can contact Karlis and the team at anytime directly at hello@lifecoder.online Karlis is also available for 1-1 coaching, seminars and public speaking.
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Some Final Words From Me Before Joining...

I cannot describe how powerful the journey you are about the start will be. If you have tried everything else and still end up struggling then join this workshop. It will cost you less than a $100 therapy sessions and give you lifetime access and support to the unique tools I have spent the last 8 years creating.

P.S - If you have any question before joining, email me at hello@lifecoder.online and I will personally get back to you.

See you on the workshop soon,
“To inspire someone is to demonstrate, anything is possible"
100% Customer Satisfaction. Refunds Assured.