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"These tools and methods are LIFE CHANGING..."
- Rachel, November 2020 -
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"These tools and methods are LIFE CHANGING..."
- Rachel, November 2020 -

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The Tools That Gave Ella & Rachel (and others) Life Back From Anxiety...

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INCREDIBLE! ... I understand myself better now, LifeCoder has given me my choice back with how to live my life. These tools can help anyone stop anxiety and get back freedom."
Ella - August 2020

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Rachel - November 2020
the 7-stage process for anxiety-free life
Stop & Get Rid of Anxiety or Panic Attacks
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Karlis is an Anxiety Coach, Mentor and Father who teaches unique life-changing tools to reprogram and self-regulate anxiety and panic... Without expensive therapy, treatment, counseling, medication or doctors...

He created a 7 stage self-help method called LifeCoding to help transform his own life as a single full-time parent in 2013. He now helps people across the world with his unique approach and tools to reprogramming life.